Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to baby M .

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you , happy birthday day to mikoleong , HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to you . you're the oldest among all of us . HAHAHA !
wish you've a blast last night . we went JJ last night for singk session and we had our awesome dinner over Ohsushi . At first we planned to go euro house for celebration and count down for her birthday, which is today . However , her mum gave her a call and ask her to home asap. we was like wtf cos our plan was messed up.

At last , guess what . baby M was cried when the cup cake was brought out , i think she never expect it in a sudden . she touched we knew :D thanks to JennyTan , Angel , Kityi , Helena , Kityan , Kityeng , Munchun & Munkean Lovable one :) Bff forever . the previous s' .

we used cup cake to substitute cake, the special way we did .

the birthday girl .

the group camwhore .

wongkok :D

After they left . Me and angel went to euro house for drinks :D
we met jiajia and etc ..

Fantastic day .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lovable Person .

There's six ladies walk into my life in a sudden. We do shared everything. Joyful or grieve eventho we not really grasp each other. Shall i treat our friendship as a fate? We will meet each other in five days more. I wish we still talkative and friendly when we meet each other. Looking forward to meet you guys

Veanna Tang'


Bei Bei'

Kay Liew'


Coco Chow'

Have a blast day (:

Monday, May 30, 2011


Heys peeps! I am back . I know it's been a long time that I didn't update for my blog. Guess what. Imma so freaking busy about my quiz quiz quiz and also the final assessment assessment assessment. That's why i've no much time to update my bloggie as well. It's in the early morning now , in fact gotta go to campus and have my 8am lecture , but there's a heavy rain outside right now. I couldn't get out. I don't wanna ruin my attire and make up. :(

Another sad case guys ! I'm gonna go for my second internship in July . I choose Penang this time cos i need a accommodation so badly so i doesn't need to drive any any and anymore. WTH can you guys come and visit me during my birthday date? I am gonna miss all my witch , dude and of cause my lover bloody much. I wish everything gonna be alright after i been there. It's 12 weeks duration for this internship. I hate I anger I disliked I depressed! Fuck My Life once again.

the gang. left out Miko. Nexttime retake so it will be intact.

Will be update more after my final assessment. Have a blast day peeps. :D

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello peoples . i bet you guys know what am i gonna to bloggie for this post . LOL . Yeah !EXACTLY . JUSTIN BIEBER ! My BabyBoy latest movie-NeverSayNever is coming soon , very very soon . ILoveYou baby boyyyyyyy ! Idon'tcare whether it's nice or not ,IWANTTOwatch it , so badly . My beloved Ipoh's buddy , Earear , Jenny , Angel & Kia had promised me that they would accompany me go & watch for it . BUT ! I don't think they can make it since i came back to KL . SIGHHHH ! It's okay . I would watch it , myself !

Btween , i wanna go for his concert which is held at Stadium Merdeka on 21 of april , so badly ! But what to do , so POOR lately , somemore , no one willing to accompany me . SIGH ): I SWEAR , I'll be attend what-so-ever , when you come to Malaysia for concert once again . INDEED !

The synopsis of this movie is the inspiring true story & rare inside look at the rise of Bieber from street performer in the small town of Stratford, Ontario to internet phenomenon to global super star culmating with a dream sold out show at the famed Madison Square Garden in 3D . This is an exceptionally well-made concert firm that tells a contemporary fairy tale with a poppy , irresistible sensibility .

Between , this movie already available in some of the cinema but i guess the actual date of this was 14 of april , which means this coming thursday . HYPER ! can't wait for it . so peeps , try on it. It won't spent such a long time , the run time for this movie only 105 minutes i guess (:

Have a nice day (:

Monday, March 28, 2011

New hairstyle . Fun memories . Peoples .

Hello peeps . I think i didn't update my bloggie for a long time . cos imma effing busy all the time but at last I doesn't know what actually i am busy for . LOL . and i've no chance to online when i get back to IPOH . FuckMyLife .
Just to share with you guys i got a new hairstyle . I curled my awesome straight hair in last week. Before i get my hair curled , i did considered for a long time . I am afraid i will regret after all and yeah my friend not really agree with this . Whatthehell but i am boring with my straight hair seriously . I wanna have a try on NEW thing . * wink . and i spent around 5 hours for this fucked up hairstyle . my ass totally getting burst . oh yeah come and acceptance my new hairstyle . (:

And this two weeks I have outing non stop with my sisters & brothers . We went to singk , hanging around , chit chatting , laugh nonstop all the time , movie, breakfast & lunch . We did offend a lot people during outing . hahaha some people even thought we're insane . just to share some picha that we captured during outings (:

why . angel . drian .
tong sui gai (:
bro & sis .
kbox-ing .
the family (:

The lovable person (:

Before i forget this , there's a awesome & funky movie suggest to you guys . Or maybe there's most of you had watched this awesome movie .

I went to this movie with my babe sister Jenny , Angel , Adrian & also Kia .
Wtf the movie is try to get us into insane & crazy condition . We laughed from the very begin of the movie until the end . * Thumbs Up . No regret (:

ON THE CONTRARY , this movie is totally suck ! -- RANGO
This movie did contain Hypnotic Effect !
all of us was almost fall asleep inside the cinema .
AMEN ! its suit to child who is below age 12 still .

Nevertheless , I went to Penang yesterday also . with AngelYing , JennyTan & the driver will be Kia . oh he is so great enough . he drive all the way safety and speedy . Ohmygosh . Its totally driving us crazy . Anyways feel glad to know him and THANKYOU for everything (:
we left out Miko , Adrian & Helena also . hahaha sorry beb .
we went to the largest mall over Penang . Queensbay . and also Gurney Plaza . (:
The funniest thing happened to us when we're having our lunch in Sakae Sushi . As you guys know there's a computer system for your food ordering , and of cause the computer is function by using 'mouse' . HAHAHA but whatthehell there's a uncle thought it was TOUCHSCREEN . He keep complaint about why doesn't it work when he tried to touch on the screen . It's totally laugh all of us lungs out ! Rolling On floor laughing . it's embarrasing gosh . . .
After that we went for our dinner , our leg is getting broke down since we hang from noon time.
Before we going back , we passed by a stall which is selling purse.. how to say . Its not a normal purse , there's some magic method over the purse . oh yeah I will show you guys in one day . Its interesting . At last , we bought four (:
We only took one and a half hour to arrive Ipoh from Penang . There's 11.30pm .

sakae sushi in Queensbay (:
camwhore in washroom (:

Thanks for viewing (:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

cool .

Song of the days .
deep memory ever had .
between , i am back peoples (:

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Just A Passerby .